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Techsignal Z Basic is not simply an update - or upgrade - to Techsignal 9 - it is a separately licensed program - a fully-functional Barydyne signal platform, and the Techsignal Z Ultimate Commercial version will enable the commercial user to generate their own Barydyne planetary signal on any asset of their choosing. 

Techsignal Z Ultimate Commercial will also include an exhaustive database of first trade dates to enable price signal generation on over 10,000 assets. We will also make available special varieties of of TS-Z based on the Dow 30, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, as well as individual global indexes and their constituents.

Due to the complexities of programming this final stage of FSC software development. we expect a "roll-out" time of possibly from six months up to a year. But the resulting software will be unlike anything in existence now - or in the future - anywhere.

At this point, we do not anticipate offering a retail market version of the Techsignal Z Ultimate program for the individual trader or investor. We expect the commercial version of this project to be priced to professionals and institutions in the tens of thousands of dollars, with an annual licensing fee and possibly even a charge per asset analyzed.


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