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111 Techsignal Z How-to Articles

The shell technical analysis program for Techsignal X is provided to us by our white-label partner - Quantshare.

Below are useful tips on how to perform many Techsignal X analysis and data functions.

If you do not find what you need - contact us at

How to optimize an indicator in your trading system

How to copy a trading item

How to use Twchsignal X with Metastock data

How to plot a stock using different periods in the same chart

How to create a watchlist

How to remove non-active securities

How to dynamically update the settings of an indicator

How to debug a downloader

How to create a screen

How to detect stocks trading near all time highs

How to quickly download the most recent EOD data for your stocks

How to run a screen or a watchlist from a script

How to download and use U.S. stocks earnings data

How to download Portfolio123 data into Techsignal X 

How to download new quotes when selecting a chart

How to import trading items from other accounts

How to quickly add a ticker symbol

How to calculate the average of a time series using the money management tool

How to get trading orders from a portfolio programmatically

How to drag & drop indicators in charts

How to drag & drop a stock to a static watchlist

How to add trades from one portfolio to another one

How to filter stocks in a market composite

How to create histogram charts

How to run Techsignal X offline

How to plot two different time frames in the same chart

How to create a moving average of an indicator

How to create a formula

How to plot arrows below/above candlesticks on a chart

How to debug a trading system using the money management tool

How to add a trading indicator to a chart

How to install the previous version of Techsignal X

How to download EOD quotes for active and valid stocks only

How to print a chart

How to download historical quotes of indices

How to use the Fibonacci retracement drawing tool

How to optimize the number of positions in a trading system

How to import trading data from CSV files

How to display notes/commentaries on a chart

How to create a mobile database/account

How to plot the relative performance of several stocks/indices

How to create a hatched area in a chart

How to create a log scale chart

How to export trading data to a CSV file

How to use a custom drawing tool

How to associate an index with a list of stocks

How to create a composite index/indicator

How to get stocks for a particular index using the global script

How to plot the number of stock tweets per day

How to import trades into a portfolio

How to add future bars to plan for market scenarios

How to create a strategy-based portfolio

How to create trading rules based on Put and Call volume data

How to plot support and resistance lines automatically

How to optimize a neural network using a genetic algorithm

How to create and trade a Neural Network model

How to execute a script at regular intervals

How to set order type of a trading system programmatically

How to scale and move the chart Y-axis

How to display Forex economic calendar data in a chart

How to automate the data downloading process

How to display the bar index of a stock on a chart

How to add a metric in the trading system simulation report

How to create a custom trading indicator

How to hide a trading indicator from a particular time frame

How to create a Monte Carlo simulation

How to remove a chart pane's margins

How to screen for stocks having a high correlation with the Dow Jones index

How to quickly add several positions to your portfolio

How to rename a ticker symbol

How to import your own list of stocks/symbols

How to add custom position-based metrics to your trading system

How to get fundamental data for U.S. Stocks

How to backup your databases (EOD, Intraday, Tick and Custom) and trading items

How to plot the ratio of two stocks

How to plot a time-series that do not update the chart scale

How to hide stock data outside of regular trading hours

How to download earnings calendar data for various stocks

How to perform a basic quantitative analysis using the S&P 500

How to download historical EOD data for penny stocks

How to display the number of notes per stock

How to create volume bar charts

How to save and restore charts

How to speed up watchlist and screener plug-ins when working with intraday data

How to optimize the stop limit of a trading system

How to create a volatility-based Stop - Dynamic stop based on the Average True Range

How to adjust a stock for splits

How to copy the data/settings of an account to another account

How to create a custom trendline

How to change volume bar colors when the price closes down

How to download a trading item from the Sharing Server

How to generate buy/sell signals from a trading system

How to create a trading system

How to create a chart with a black background

How to plot put/call ratio of individual stocks

How to display the number of stocks per day for different RSI groups

How to copy and paste drawing tools

How to dynamically change the number of positions in a portfolio?

Difference between the watchlist and the screener tools

How to detect whether price movements are predictable or not

What is the Bookmark Panel?

How to plot news on a chart?

How to synchronize stock charts?

How to draw distances on a chart?

How to automatically arrange charts?

How to improve the performance of Techsignal X databases?

How to automatically draw Fibonacci Retracement for each new stock?

How to automatically start a downloader every few minutes?

How to create a correlation matrix of several securities

How to display two stocks on the same chart

How to quickly select stocks based on the last value of a database field

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