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"Life is all about timing...the unreachable becomes reachable...
the unavailable becomes available..."


- The algorithmic science of cyclic mathematics and causal planetary momentum force studies applied directly to solving problems and obtaining reliable and accurate predictive models of future conditions and specific events in our collective human existence here on planet Earth - and someday beyond.

We at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles have spent quite literally hundreds - if not thousands - of hours - in conference after conference - watching the real-time unfolding of cyclic prediction and Barydyne signal reception by global tradeable assets over the past more than 4 years - live - as it was happening - in more or less reliable fashion. But there has emerged over this time a unmistakable and perhaps profound sense in all who have so far participated that there is something deeply and immensely unique at work here at the FSC.

By now it has become more than evident that we - finally - are on the threshold of the realization of Edward R. Dewey's founding vision of a new "science of prediction" - based on both cyclic analysis and planetary momentum dynamics.

I have decided to tentatively name this new data science "Barydynamics" - because this is exactly what we are now studying - the effects of the Sun's barycenter - at its most pristine levels. 

This obviously now puts our researches and technologies into the true area of "meta-physics" - i.e. "beyond-physics" in the original meaning of the word. 

Therefore, "Barydynamics" is destined to become the world's first true algorithmic mathematically based "metaphysical" science - at least in known history.

I first mentioned this term in 2009 at a conference in New Mexico - and a Google search on "Barydynamics" brings up just 5 results - even today! 

It seems the very words "Barydyne" - as well as "Barydynamics" - have been somehow reserved for our sole use...

This new science of prediction - has been sought after and promised for over 5000 years - literally investigated by humanity for millennia.

And so - it is now with great - yet humble - pride - if there is such a thing - that I announce today the formation of a FSC "Presidential Task Force" to formalize and develop this new science for the world. 

And I do not think this could have come at a better time in all of human history. 

I also must admit that I am very tempted to offer this new research program for free to those interested in helping to forge this great work of the FSC into reality. But I have learned the hard way that all of us by our very nature value very little what is freely given - even sometimes to the level of their very own health and lives.

Likewise, FSC must continue to produce a healthy economic internal climate for our own organism to continue to grow and develop. 

So there will be a cost to join this task force - just as I have paid a great personal cost to be able to lead it. But the cost will not be prohibitive for those who are destined to join us - and will give those members of this new project the knowledge and satisfaction that they are truly contributing to something truly worthwhile.

I do in turn promise you an exciting personal journey - together we will investigate and distill from the past and take into the future - the past 5000 years of both mystical and scientific explorations.

I have decided to call this new project simply - "Project Z"".

All project members must of course sign a full non-compete non-disclosure agreement.

Initial topics of exploration will include, but not be limited to:

Ancient Mathematical Astronomy

Ancient Mystery Schools

Ancient and Modern Astrological Thought

Ancient and Modern Physics

Dewey's Cycles Methodology and Mathematics

Barydyne Methodology and Mathematics

Cymatics, Harmonics, and Vibration Theory

Ancient and Modern Cosmologies

Musical Mathematics

Comparative Religion and Prophecy

Solar System Dynamics

Possibilities of Extraterrestrial Life and Mythologies of Origins

The Nature of Time and its Uses

Body Brain and Mind Research

The Nature of Light and Sound

Medical and Health Applications of Cycles 

Cycles of History - of Weather, War, and Peace

All materials and books will be provided - or located on the web.

Yes - it's a lot to integrate into a new science - and into a new way of interpreting and understanding our world.

Warmest Regards,

David Perales

President / Chairman - From 2005

Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.

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